Win a free Kitchen Gadget! 25 Winners!

Win a free kitchen gadget of your choice!   We want to thank all our loyal customers for their help over the years by giving away 25 absolutely free gadgets from our site! We will be picking the names from our email list every week for the next month, so make sure you are part […]

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Tips For Cooking Bacon In The Microwave


With how many people love bacon, it is only natural that there are all sorts of ways that people are cooking it to get the best out of the flavor. Bacon is crisp, tasty and just right to go with any sort of breakfast meal, appetizer, main dish or even some desserts. This is one […]

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More About Mandoline Slicers


The mandolin slicer is used for mainly cutting veggies, cheese and fruit. It is designed to cut such food in a way that most knives cannot cut. That is unless you use a kitchen ninja knife or a similar product. A slicer is great to use for when you make salads or raw veggie platters. […]

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Mandoline Slicers And Their Functions


The mandoline slicer is a beloved kitchen tool able to uniformly cut a wide variety of food items. This type of slicer is favored by home cooks and professional chefs alike and is invaluable in a number of ways. Slicers of this type can produce even, sharp cuts in a reliable, consistent fashion. Every kitchen […]

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Quick Microwave Breakfasts For When You Are On The

Oat flakes in wooden bowl from above on wooden background

I have grown to really love my microwave in even more ways than I ever did before. We have three fast-growing boys who are always on the go with their sports activities and all other sorts of play. They always seem to be hungry and I’ve definitely discovered that starting them off having a fiber […]

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Must Have Kitchen Utensil

Sliced citrus

In order for a kitchen to be well stocked, it requires the proper tools. There are many speciality tools available on the market today for both the casual and professional chef, however, there are some that no kitchen should ever be without. This is the knife sharpener. Some people prefer a knife sharpening stone, others […]

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