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Ninjamat Self Healing Flexible Cutting Board. Eco Friendly Kitchen Cutting Mat. 3 Layers. Durable. Even The Toughest Knives Won't Cut Through.

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Manufacturer Description

NINJAMAT is your BETTER kitchen cutting mat! Ninjamat is the first EVER self healing kitchen cutting board using the newest patented technology. Hand crafted for your kitchen adventures, made tough and super flexible at the same time. 3 layers of NEW composite, BPA Free, Eco-friendly material make our cutting boards unique and grooved surface provides extra knife traction, so your knives won't slide around. You will FEEL the difference!!! Ninjamat is 70% thicker and firmer but super flexible at the same time, so you get the toughness of a cutting board that no knife can ever pierce through and the flexibility of an easy to fold mat (you can fold with only one hand) for a mess free transfer of your food from working surface to pots pans and even food processors. Each side of our mat is coated with anti-microbial layer, imported from Japan that will last a lifetime. When it comes to cleaning, you can safely put your Ninjamat in a dishwasher as all Ninjamats are dishwasher safe and won't split or warp. Take this incredible opportunity to get your Ninjamat now! For a limited time only, we'll include a COMPLIMENTARY mini Ninjamat, 2 matching cotton kitchen towels and the ebook "Kitchen Hacks" !!! We love our Ninjamats and we know you'll love them, too!

Product Features

-SELF HEALING: Our long lasting, durable kitchen mats and cutting boards have a high density, non porous core that reduces cut marks by up to 90%! New, stress-tested material makes it IMPOSSIBLE FOR EVEN THE TOUGHEST (Sharpest) KNIVES TO CUT THROUGH. -70% THICKER & FIRMER than any other leading brand AND SUPER FLEXIBLE at the same time! NinjaMat is firm not flimsy yet it bends with ease for a mess-free transfer of food from your working surface to your pots and pans. SPECIAL OFFER! FOR A LIMITED TIME we'll include a complemetary MINI NINJAMAT, 2 MATCHING COTTON KITCHEN TOWELS and a "KITCHEN HACKS" ebook! -PATENTED TECHNOLOGY: NEW composite material makes our kitchen cutting boards unique! NinjaMat has 3 layers consisting of a non porous core and anti-microbial layer on each side. Grooved surface provides extra traction, making it more stable, so your knives won't slide around. You will feel the difference! -ANTI-MICROBIAL: Each side of NinjaMat is coated with anti-microbial layer imported from Fuji, Japan and provides a life-long, built-in defense that inhibits the growth of stain & odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew. -DISHWASHER SAFE: (won't split or warp) #Note: Our boards are made from TPE and PP material, which has a "softening point" at 200F. It can be put in hot water or dishwasher setting at up to 195F for 30 minutes. Because this is a mat and not a board, it's thickness delegates the temperature it can sustain without warping. BPA Free, ECO-FRIENDLY (new composite material is fully recyclable), NON-POROUS CORE, REVERSIBLE, WON'T DULL KNIVES

Key Product Details

  • Color: Orange
  • Manufacturer: Brands Creative
  • Model: BC151NB

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